The difference between Gelato & Ice Cream

The difference between Gelato & Ice Cream

Freshchoice is now introducing a form of frozen desserts into it’s menu this month. And it’s called Gelato. But what exactly is a gelato? And why do the promotion posters look like Ice Cream? Well truthfully frozen treats have a special place in everyone’s hearts. The thing is
there is a lot of difference when it comes to ice creams and gelati.
Traditionally, current day ice creams follow the french style of making the frozen dessert primarily with milk, sugar, cream and egg yolks.


The ingredients in ice cream are first cooked together into a rich custard. After the custar base is cooled, it is churned at a high speed to incorporate a large amount of air to fluff it up or increase it’s volume. The cheaper ice creams tend to have more air whipped into them.
Another distinguishing feature is that ice creams are served at a fairly cold temperature so that the scoops hold together and retain the texture. The finished product is smooth, light-textured and creamy.


Another important point to note is that Ice Creams have a higher fat content, alot of cream and a fair amount of yolk is added whilst making the custard base.

Now when it comes to Gelato, everything is different. Gelato is basically the italian word for ice cream, but that’s not it.
The italians invented a different process to make ice creams wherein Gelato retained it’s name to distinguish it amongst other frozen desserts.
The Gelato starts out similarly with a custard base but consists of only sugar, milk and cream. The proportion of milk is much higher and cream is used at a far lower proportion than with regular ice cream, sometimes containing 70% less fat.


Gelato is also churned at a much slower rate and incorporates very little air, making it a denser frozen dessert when compared with ice cream.Since the gelato is denser, it is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, which lends to a silkier, smoother and softer texture whereas the taste is much richer because of lower percentage of fat content.

Truly the gelato is the absolute queen of frozen desserts, not only it is falvourful and richer but it is also healthier.


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