Best Hygiene Practices During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Best Hygiene Practices During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic. During these tough times, maintaining good nutrition and hygiene is the utmost priority for one and all.

Our Fresh Choice team is working tirelessly to bring to you only freshly baked products every day. Our entire range of products is made with the highest quality of ingredients with the best of hygiene standards.

We are diligently following all the guidelines and safety measures issued by the Ministry of Health Affairs.

Workforce Welfare:
All our employees are temperature screened before entering the factory/outlets premises.

We sanitize all our utensils, surfaces and equipment and clean them every time pre and post usage. Alcohol based sanitizers are used and washing hands regularly for 20 seconds is being encouraged at the workplace.

Social Distancing:
We believe that social distancing is non-pharmaceutical infection prevention. Hence we are abiding by the norms both at our factory and outlets.

Masks and Gloves:
Along with regular sanitization, precautionary measures like the practice of wearing masks and gloves have been made mandatory and our people are instructed to adhere to it.

All our utensils are washed with water preferably above 80°celsius. The food is well-cooked under hygienic conditions and served in clean and dry crockery and take-away packaging.

Due to the current scenario, all our outlets operate only for take-away orders or home deliveries. We ensure that the pickup/delivery persons are temperature screened at our place and are following the protocol.

Our FRESH take

All of us are in this together. We empathize with our Corona warriors and sincerely request everyone to detach any form of social stigma to it. We can #stopthespread and make this world a better place again. Thank you for cooperating and hopefully we shall see you soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy!