Recipe of the week! Banana Bread!

Recipe of the week! Banana Bread!


Recipe of the week!

Banana Bread

This Classic Banana Bread is perfectly sweet, moist, and full of flavor! You can enjoy this bread plain, with chopped walnuts, or even chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast or dessert!


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Maida – 353gms
Sugar – 400 gms
Banana Ripe – 400 gms
Eggs – 256 gms
Refined oil – 340 gms
Corn Flour – 64gms
Cinnamon Powder – 04gms
Baking Soda – 11gms
Almond flakes – 11gms


  1. Seave maida and add cornflour, cinnamon powder and baking powder and keep aside.
  2. Whisk sugar and bananas together for 15mins or till the sugar melts in medium speed.
  3. Now add eggs and mix until all mix together.
  4. Add oil also slowly from side of the bowl and continue whisking until all mixes well.
  5. Now fold in all dry ingredients.
  6. Pour in greased moulds/Muffins cups.
  7. On top sprinkle almond flakes.
  8. Then bake in the oven at 175°C-180°C for 30-40 minutes.


If baking in small quantity the times varies/reduced.
2Kg (80gms in Mould)