About Bakery

Our ingredients are high quality each dessert is carefully made from scratch with only the finest, all-natural ingredients.



To be the local baker offering freshly baked products that is affordable and tasty. Our aim is to provide customers with products that use minimal preservatives as a healthy alternative. We strive to be innovative in offering product variants and packaging designs so that our products stay fresh and honest..



Our factories located in Modavalasa, Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh and Kakinada, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh are facilities designed to make multiple bakery products. The equipments are well laid out in a manner such that the process is semi automated involving minimal human touch. We have the process complying to Good Manufacturing Practices, certified by ISO22000/HACCP and Food Safety Standards as per guidelines laid down by FSAAI..

We pride ourselves in our Bakers who have experience to craft the best bakery products. The quality of our Cookies, Pastries, and Puffs are determined by the quality of our process and equipments.

The Cookie and Biscuit range is from our imported line of Polin depositors from Italy. Our dough mixers are from “Bear Varimixer”, Denmark. Ensures that we give a crunchy consistency to all our recipes. The rusk line includes the spiral kneader from San Cassiano, Italy and the Revent oven from Sweden for a perfect crispy double toast experience.

The fresh cream for our pastry range uses the Bear Planetary mixer from Denmark to ensure a delicious soft creamy layer.

The flakey puffs are prepared using a Rondo puff sheeter from Switzerland.



We currently possess the following licenses for the proposed unit

  • We have Food Safety ISO22000/HACCP Certified by TUV SUD Germany
  • FSSAI Certificate
  • VAT
  • Pollution Clearance
  • Inspector of Factories
  • Packaging License


We have a dedicated R&D team to develop new recipes and products as per our customers preferences. We strive to bring some globally available bakery products in the category of Cookies, Puff pastries, Cakes and Bread variants through constant recipe innovations and training our team and Masters on the newer product offerings in the market. We do value our customer feedbacks and work on them to improve their experience with our products at our outlets.

Our raw material and ingredients are carefully identified and sourced. We do not compromise on the ingredients. Most of our ingredient suppliers are global with local manufacturing facilities. Our pre mixes are developed in house and in conjunction with our suppliers to ensure that all food safety norms are adhered to. We do not believe in adding preservatives and therefore most of our products have a natural shelf life that is much lesser than the highly mechanised and industrial bakeries that distribute products nationally and across various states of India. Our business ethos is to bake fresh “Every Day” and make our products available locally within close proximity to the customers consumption areas.


Future Plans

Expanding the business into all regions as a hub and spoke bakery serving freshly baked products to its customers.